Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Skincare Routine - Abbyjoanne

Today I will be sharing with you the products I use everyday on my skin, I have oily skin and it is very prone to breakouts. I have currently got a lot of blemishes on my forehead and chin but they have improved drastically since I started using these products a few months back. So lets get down to it;
I use the 'Simple Kind to skin replenishing rich moisturiser' everyday after I've washed my face in the morning and then before I go to bed. This is my favourite moisturiser and the only one that hasn't caused my skin further breakouts, so to me this is a real winner. It retails for around £3 which is great value.

I use the 'Simple kind to skin deep cleansing face mask' around once a week, I usually whack it on when I'm going to have a bath. It's like an extra thick moisturiser which is strange when you first start applying it but will soon learn to adore it. This makes my skin soo soft and really brightens my complection. This to retails for around £3.

I use the 'Simple oil balancing exfoliating wash' every single day, once in the morning and once at night. I decided upon this one due to it's 'oil balancing' claim, which I have to admit is spot on. This makes my skin soft and smooth and really helps me with my oily skin problem. Highly recommend this product, it is a life safer, it also retails for around £3 (noticing a trend here)

My last product is the 'Simple clear skin oil balancing cleansing wipes' I use these to take of my make-up at the end of the day and they work wonders. They take off even my water proof mascara without problem and without having to scrub my skin. These too retail for £3.

As you have probably noticed I've stuck to one brand, the reason for this is simply because out off all the brands I have tried this is the only one that doesn't cause my skin any breakouts and it is very affordable. Cannot recommend these products more and highly suggest that you give them a whirl!


DIY Diamante shoes! - Abbyjoanne

I recently took a trip to my nearest Primark and stumbled across tones of shoes on sale, ones that caught my eye were some plain black heels which were at a bargain of £6, I then proceeded to pay when they came up at a price of £3! Can you believe that?! So I thought, how can I really jazz up these shoes and make them that extra bit special without having to spend a great deal? Bling them up was the answer!

All you need is;
-Some tweezers(this makes life a lot easier when it comes to sticking the pesky gems in the right place!)
-Some GemTac, you can get this either on the internet or in your local craft shop.
-Some diamantes, again you can get these either on the internet or in your local craft shop.
-Your chosen shoes you wish to bling up!

All you need to do is put some of the Gem-Tack onto a flat surface, could be a plate or even a piece of paper. You can dip the gems straight in the glue but putting the glue on a flat surface makes things a lot less messy, which is always good! Take your tweezers and grab one of the gems, dip it into the glue and simply place it in the desired place on your shoe, it doesn't take long for it to stick however I would allow 24 hours before you go anywhere in your shoes just to be sure the gems wont fly of anywhere. Finish of the rest of your shoe and you're done! Below is how mine turned out, and I'm pretty pleased with them! Although I still haven't mastered actually walking in them yet:(

This is the end product of my hard work, and it was surprisingly easier then I thought it was going to be, woohoo! If you give it a go then let me know, I'd love to see how yours turn out!

My Lush Storage! - Abbyjoanne

Hello everybody!
Recently I hopped on board to the Lush craze and hit the boxing day sale for my first ever order. Which was probably a bad idea for the first time you order as it was very hectic! However all my lovely goodies have now arrived and of course need storing. I did'nt want them on display like a lot of people as I know after a while they may lose some of their scent or even give me a bit of a headache.
So, I decided to buy a pretty box and store them that way. This is ideal for me as you can easily see which item to pick and I can sleep soundly knowing their all safe and well!

I personally love this way of storing them! I'm also going to wrap them all individually in cling film, I'm doing this to seal in the freshness and to prevent them rubbing off on each other.
How do you store yours?

Monday, 1 December 2014

Marc Jacobs - Dot - My current favourite

I usually get a new perfume each year just to mix it up a bit, and Dot really caught my eye! I was really hoping that I would love the scent just as much as I loved the bottle, and thankfully I did! I previously had Daisy which was by Marc Jacobs as well and I've always been fond of his perfumes so I had the sneaky suspicion that I would take a fancy to this one.

It's described as;
Dot is a lush juicy floral - happy and vivacious.

The top captivates with a delectable blend of red berries, succulent dragonfruit, and sweet honeysuckle.
The lush floral heart of the fragrance blooms with addictive jasmine mingled with energising notes of coconut water and orange blossom. The scent rounds out with a feminine drydown of creamy vanilla, driftwood, and sensual musks.

I have to agree that this scent is very feminine and it's one of those things that you just get hooked on and can't stop smelling! I highly recommend you go and smell this when you are in your next perfume shop and you will be just as drawn to it as me, it's definitely my new favourite! And a plus, is that the perfume lasts throughout the day, which is always a good thing!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Shabby Chic Desk - Project 1

Recently I have been loving this 'Shabby Chic' style and have decided to remodel my whole bedroom in this design. I know how much of a task this is going to be as my room is currently all pine furniture and plain walls(boring!)
My first step is going to be my furniture, and by this I mean paint it all cream/white and hand paint a whole lotta roses onto it! My first piece of furniture victim I choose to start with(trying my hardest not to wreck the poor thing) was my pine desk!   


I'm really happy with the outcome and am now looking forward to doing the rest of my furniture! Must admit though, finishing all the roses was such a chore which I quickly got bored of after the second draw, but never mind, it's all done now!

1. Use a paint primer
2. Paint it all white - the shade was 'Broken White' but for the life of me I can't remember the brand
3. Decorate the draws!

What do you think? I'm rather proud of it haha