Tuesday, 19 January 2016

My Lush Storage! - Abbyjoanne

Hello everybody!
Recently I hopped on board to the Lush craze and hit the boxing day sale for my first ever order. Which was probably a bad idea for the first time you order as it was very hectic! However all my lovely goodies have now arrived and of course need storing. I did'nt want them on display like a lot of people as I know after a while they may lose some of their scent or even give me a bit of a headache.
So, I decided to buy a pretty box and store them that way. This is ideal for me as you can easily see which item to pick and I can sleep soundly knowing their all safe and well!

I personally love this way of storing them! I'm also going to wrap them all individually in cling film, I'm doing this to seal in the freshness and to prevent them rubbing off on each other.
How do you store yours?

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